My driving force – Mom

Mama I love you

Mama I love you

Mama I love you


The driving force of my life


No matter how bad my report card was u’d always say to my teacher
“My son is smart actually”


And when grand uncles use to say im naughty you’d say
” He is a good boy”


And when I’ve done something wrong you’d
“I’m gonna hit u with my broom n break ur leg!” 
You know Im not afraid of the rotan since Dad used the leather belt


You showed me right from my wrong
You send me for basketball practise and came to my games
You supported me
You believed in me


My strong mama!

My strong mama!


You always understood me and gave me strength to go on
You alone are my superwoman!
All the house cleaning, kids, work, food supplies, transportation, church.


Your the best Mom ever!


You always showed me unconditional love and blessed me with your prayers

Blessed be your soul &  a  long life!


 I’ll never go a day with out you


No one else can be what you’ve been to me – My mama


I love you Ma! 


HAPPY Mothers DAY!






P/S: I Love you too grandma! Happy Mothers day! EE!! Aunt May!! Aunt Poh AnN! Aunt Ruth! and newest member Junie jiejie! 


Where does swine flu come from?


A baby started it

A baby started it

Pig kisses baby, baby kisses something , something spreads it to the other, other spreads it to everyone else..

Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park




My first ice-cream in NZ and I decided to eat it in front of a memorial, this dude who died a long time did something really good and in memorial of his death thye build this…this..pillar? Anyway it was a good day so me and the boys decide to go and enjoy the sun, we all know shitty weather is coming cause winter in NZ sux! you get all 4 seasons in 1 hour! And the worse part bout it, no snow!

On the other side of the memorial theres this great view where ppl come have birthday parties and stuff on the grass sorta picnic like.




The people at the back of me just had one of those bday thingy.

And later we decided to go for a swim at Mission Bay
thats another story by its self.

MJ is inside

MJ is inside

Anyway thats it for today gonna go catch my rugby team Crusaders play!
Who knew brute force could be so fun~!



Art attack!

Art attack!

I’ve seen it done on TV, and I always wanted to do it. Livin it up and doing it is a great feeling! But who knew it would take so much time and effort, those rocks werent exactly light like paper. 


One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

The monument at the top is One Tree Hill
There was a big tree up there a few years ago until few drunk people came and chopped it down
This place is filled with sheeps, sheeps, sheeps and more sheeps.
Also some black sheeps and cows.
I normally come here for jogging or just for walks to get stuff out my mind
Its really nice here


Monkey's on tree

Monkey's on tree

 Looks like I still got my monkey skills

Black sheep hunt

Black sheep hunt

  Wish my friends were here, so I can throw sheep poo that all over the place.
No wonder my Dads friends in Penang thought it was black berrys and ate em!

I love jogging here

I love jogging here

Its cooling and trees provide great cover from the sun to run here during summer, its awesome!
Some take their dogs for walks here or just lay a blanket on the soft grass and lay back with a lover for picnics
I never knew it was this beautiful, life.

I would love to post more picture for ya’ll but I’m too lazy, deal with it.

If you guys come to NZ this is a must visit area


U gotta be here

U gotta be here

Happy B’DaY Baby SISTA!


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Rom 15:13

You are pure of heart baby sis

Have a voice of an angel

My partner in crime

My best friend

You are my reasoning

My alarm clock for school

Im glad I have you by my side growing up together

I love ya sis

Happy 20th Bday!



Faster find a rich Iranian with an oil pump.
I want my Lembu-kini!
Send me to the states!




Happy Birthday DAD!


He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.” Psalm 1:3

I am who I am because of you

You showed me life

You graced me with your wisdom

You gave me everything I have today

You believed in me

You always support me

You told me about God

You love me more than life it self

Your are selfless


I am proud to be your son, and even prouder to have you as my father
Without you I am nothing








Lazy to blog!

Its really hard to blog when there are so many spring activities to do after a good day of studies, thus causing me to collapse early and not blog about stuff! Plus I really hate to blog with my ISP cause im not able to load my pictures all at one go!

Boohoo! Should I use blogspot? Naa… Anyways here’s the stuff that happened to me so far:

1) Amazing race student village! ( Came in 1st!)

2)Surprised 21st B’day party by my friends and planned by my family!
( They told my friends about my bday & sponsored the whole thing for me, lots of love to my family!)

3)The real party began the following saturday, celebrated our amazing race win and my 21st with BBQ, music, dancing, booz, and I really sux at dancing. ( Im like MC Hammer!)

4)Went to the beach, made new friends, swam, played rugby, look at bikini’s! (Im a guy, sue me)

5)Currently trying to play One last breath-Creed

6)Reply all my lovely friends on facebook for their lovely wishes!

7)Went to One Tree Hill and took lots of pictures with the sheeps and rocks! (Hence the new banner =)

8)Building a bridge out of popsickle sticks and reports

9) Test tmrw and im still blogging at 12am!

10)Went to an Anglican church with a massive organ that gave a horror movie effect during service.

11)Fell in love ( With all the bikini’s)

12)Haircut! (Im gonna get gangster lines)

13)Named my accoustic guitar Candy( SkullCandy)

14)Got myself new headphones and speakers! (This all will be blogged later)

15) Went to spookers corn field maze! ( My team member got kicked out from there cause she was sneaking bourbon in and got caught)

16)Went to the city for a Malaysian outing! (Ended up DOTA!)

17)Bought myself new hats!

18)Planning on Mid sem & Mid year trip!

19)Working on a new system for the auto detailing company

20)Trying to find work!

21)Korean going to the army! Hope he knows his own gun!

22)Traded my accoustic with Arvin’s LTD Electric guitar! (His the one that gave me the accoustic!)

Thus concludes my fancy entry for this week!

Oh yea, my aunt from penang added me on MSN and Skype!